Our Factory set up has state of the art production facility capable of producing huge volumes, equipped with latest machineries for cutting and garment production. We continuously improve our production facilities with machineries which save time, reduce wastagse and therefore reducing cost.

A skilled work force and an eminent production team is dedicated itself to deliver the best quality products at the shortest time possible.

At Perfect Loops, we adhere to International Work Safety Environment Standards and we ensure that employees have a clean, safe work ambience. Consistent with internationally recognized labor standards.

Perfect Loops is backed up by its own facilities for

  • Fabric Production (Knitting, Weaving)
  • Dyeing, Compacting
  • Printing/Embroidery Divisions
  • Sampling Division

The Place where the Designs take shape, with our expertise we understand the international trends and make sure that your design takes the right shape. Timely Delivery of Samples is very important for sales, to ensure the time and perfection we have dedicated sampling division.